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Cannabis-infused beverages as delivery system for medical marijuana

Alternative delivery systems for medical marijuana appeal to the growing number of patients who desire the its benefits but do not want the harmful effects or stigma of smoking it. This is in response to the shift in thinking in the US (and elsewhere) where 20 states and the District of Columbia have now enacted laws legalising the use of medical marijuana.

Forbes has reported that the US medical marijuana market, worth $1.7-billion in 2011, will explode to $9-billion by 2016.

President and CEO of Puget Technologies, Ron Leyland, said, “Our outstanding research and development team is pushing the limits to achieve superior delivery methods for the growing market seeking natural cannabis-based medicine.” He added, “Cannabis BioTech is committed to becoming an industry research leader as it develops products using rigorous protocols, strict administration and exacting quality standards.”

Earlier this year, Puget Technologies entered the $40-billion energy drink market with a line of energy drinks and shots. Leyland said the cannabis-infused beverages will provide a refreshing, organic alternative for patients seeking relief from nausea, chronic pain, muscle spasms and other conditions.

Naturally occurring terpenes, similar to essential oils, found in the cannabis plant that can be manipulated to create various flavour profiles for beverages.

In addition to the beverages, Cannabis Biotech is also exploring sophisticated transmucosal delivery systems (administered through the mucous membranes) and transdermal patches.

Cannabis BioTech;