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California winery’s new alcohol-free, marijuana-infused wine

The legalisation of recreational marijuana in some US states has resulted in a new multibillion dollar industry, with some estimates suggesting it could grow to be worth US$50bn annually by 2026.

For many who aren’t keen on smoking the stuff there is a growing catalog of different forms of edibles and novel new ways to get THC into your system.

The latest innovation comes from a Californian winery that has created the world’s first alcohol-free, marijuana-infused Sauvignon Blanc.

From January 2018, marijuana will be legal for recreational use in California, but there are restrictions. Marijuana cannot be combined with alcohol in the same product (or sold at the same venue).

With marijuana being infused into everything from chocolate to gummy bears, it seems like wine would be a logical next step, but this regulation makes things a little more difficult for winemakers than it would be otherwise.

Founders of Rebel Coast Winery in Sonoma, Chip Forsythe and Alex Howe, set out to make a marijuana-infused wine thinking it would be simple to just make the wine, remove the alcohol and then infuse it with marijuana.

“Turns out it’s way harder than it sounds, and there are no books or classes to take because no one has ever done it before,” explain the duo.

After a huge amount of trial-and-error, the team ultimately produced an alcohol-free Sauvignon Blanc with around 16 mg of THC in every bottle.

In terms of THC-effect this is mild, with most recreational-legal state laws allowing up to 10 mg of THC in a single serving of a marijuana edible.

“We set out to mimic the experience you’d find with traditional wine; a couple glasses will put most people in a great place,” the team explains.

It’s a product that promises the taste of wine, the effect of marijuana, and none of the unpleasant hangover characteristics of alcohol.

For those in California, pre-orders are available now at US$59.99 per bottle, to be delivered once the legislation for recreational use kicks in around January 2018.

Source: Rebel Coast Winery