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Nitro-infused lager

Budweiser innovates with new nitro-infused lager

The US division of Anheuser-Busch InBev has unveiled its first “nitro-infused” lager under the Budweiser brand name.

AB InBev says the new nitro specialty brew – a first-of-its-kind golden lager with national scale – is breaking the rules of conventional beer and offering a premium drinking experience for beer lovers.

Goes the PR: “Budweiser Nitro Gold is a new, alluring golden lager brewed with nitro with notes of toasted caramel malt for a bold, flavourful taste, and is available in 12-ounce cans nationwide starting from March 2.

“Budweiser Nitro offers a lush finish and a 5% ABV that is silky-smooth thanks to the smaller and denser bubbles – providing an overall rich, captivating taste.”

“We’re very excited about the introduction of Budweiser Nitro Reserve because it meets the growing demand for premium products and the rise in popularity of nitro-infused beverages, said Anheuser-Busch’s VP of marketing for core & value brand, Ricardo Marques.

“With its unique serving ritual, Budweiser Nitro Gold produces a beautiful cascade visual and delivers a silky-smooth taste due to smaller, denser bubbles.”

Unique three-step pouring ritual

Budweiser is (literally) shaking things up with its latest brew encouraging drinkers to break their traditional beer pouring habits.

Never shake a beer? Shake this one! To hit peak refreshment, drinkers are encouraged to flip the new, sleek nitro-infused lager can three times to infuse the nitrogen gas bubbles throughout, then pour straight down the middle of a glass for a perfect finish.

Unlike other nitrogen gas infused beers, Budweiser Nitro Gold does not require a ‘widget’ to energise the Nitro bubbles within.

Nitrogen is also insoluble (or incapable of being dissolved) in liquid, which – combined with a special piece of tap equipment known as a restrictor plate – contributes to the “thick” mouthfeel when drinking a nitrogen beer. The process of using the restrictor plate to force the beer through tiny holes before it lands in the glass causes the “rising” effect you see from the bubbles.

“With Budweiser Nitro Gold, it’s all in the shake thanks to our ritual pouring process helping to mix our Nitro bubbles, all while creating the ultimate experience for Budweiser fans and newcomers,” says the company.

The pouring ritual comes to life today with a 30-second television ad illustrating how the new, enticing golden lager is best enjoyed the wrong way.

Source: AbInBev, BusinessInsider.com

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