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BOS tea gets sparkling

South African Rooibos brand, BOS, plans to shake up the carbonated drinks category with its new range of sparkling iced teas…

Perfect for kids, adults and as a mixer, this range has all the benefits of healthy rooibos, is caffeine free and low in sugar and kilojoules. It’s available in lemon, tropical and strawberry flavours – delivering all of the “BOS magic fans are used to, but with light carbonation”, goes the PR.

BOS Brands CEO William Battersby has his sights set on growing the iced tea segment of the carbonated drinks market, adding that the new sparkling range is a response to the trend towards healthier alternatives.

“As consumers become more aware of their health they will move to categories like iced tea and I believe we will see this category grow from its current 1% of beverages to the global average of 7,8%. Although health is a big driver of purchase behaviour, consumers still want taste and enjoyment,” he says.

“In South Africa most soft drinks consumed are carbonated, with 47% of drinks sales being CSDs (carbonated soft drinks), compared to a global average of 25%. These soft drinks are usually either high in sugar or contain many artificial ingredients, but there is a lack of consumer awareness of healthier alternatives.

“By introducing a sparkling version of our iced teas, we are set to capture the imaginations of those seeking healthier alternatives that still deliver flavour and fun.”

BOS has enhanced the iced tea category around the world by offering a great tasting, low sugar, caffeine and colourant-free alternative in their instantly recognisable, fun and beautiful packaging.

Rooibos delivers known functional health benefits and drinking one can of BOS is the equivalent to a cup of rooibos tea.

Battersby says: “Globally, consumers are looking for healthier alternatives as well as products that have some functional health benefit. This trend has resulted in a beverage shift away from unhealthier categories like high-sugar juices and carbonated soft drinks like Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

“South Africans are now becoming more aware, and we are ready with our great tasting healthier carbonated drinks.”

Source: BOS Brands,

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