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A Coca-Cola first: A heated soft drink


After four years of development, Coca-Cola Japan is putting a “hot” Canada Dry Ginger Ale in vending machines beginning Oct 21. The company has managed to maintain the carbonation during the heating process. The ginger ale is packaged in self-heating aluminium cans that use a double-chambered design with a water and calcium oxide reaction to warm the drink.

The company said spiced hot drinks are popular in Japan, especially during colder months. Coca-Cola’s new offering features a ginger extract combined with apple and cinnamon flavours.

Canned hot tea and coffee are already available in the Land of the Rising Sun. Coca-Cola’s Georgia Coffee brand, for example, is dispensed hot from vending machines.

The report from Japan gives no indication of whether the new beverage will make its way to the US.

This innovation follows a lineup of innovative packaging and product rollouts this year from Coca-Cola around the world. Highlights so far have included ice bottles in Columbia, a new herbal drink for Thailand and green labels for its stevia-sweetened Coca-Cola Life in Argentina.