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US: Suja Juice named #2 in Forbes ‘Most Promising Companies’ of 2015

About Suja Juice

Established: 2012

Founders: Jeff Church, James Brennan, Annie Lawless and Eric Ethans

Estimated 2014 Revenue: $45-million

Experts thought the juice craze was over until Suja burst onto the scene with its new use of non-thermal pasteurisation [HPP] to preserve organic, raw juice without compromising the flavour. Suja juices sell for as much as $8.99 per 16 oz (473ml) bottle in flavours like “Spark,” featuring strawberry, cherry, raspberry, lemon, honey, stevia and cayenne.

The company made an aggressive debut thanks to a strategic partnership with Whole Foods Market. In the last year, Suja has branched out from Whole Foods to land bottles under $4 on the shelves of mainstream retailers such as Target, Albertsons and southern supermarket chain Publix. The company generated about $45-million in 2014 and is expected to double that in 2015.

Suja has also raised more than $30-million from firms like Boulder Brands, Alliance Consumer Growth and others by selling off equity and debt.

“Everyone at Suja is truly humbled in receiving this distinguished acknowledgement,” said CEO Jeff Church in a statement.When we received our #3 ranking last year, we knew we had our work cut out for ourselves if we wanted to climb up a spot. Last year we set out to democratise juice for the entire nation and this recognition from Forbes validates that we achieved this lofty goal.”

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