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Guinness Golden

UK: Guinness to launch golden ale to secure place in beer market

Guinness Golden Ale, named after its distinctive golden hue, is brewed in Dublin using Guinness yeast, Irish Barley, hops, and an amber malt which gives the drink its colour, reports The Telegraph.

The brewer behind the ale, Peter Simpson, said: “My ambition was to create a beautifully balanced ale from Guinness that would appeal to a broad range of people and introduce them to the exciting world of premium ale.

“The subtle biscuit flavours from the malted barley perfectly complement the crisp bitterness and delicate hop aroma, giving way to refreshing clean finish. The release of a golden ale from Guinness is a bold new step and I’m really proud to have created a great new beer that is worthy of the Guinness name.”

The drink will retail at £2.29 and is set to be available next month from selected pubs and retailers.

Its launch is not the first time Guinness has attempted to tap into the booming ale market. Last year, the firm released two porters, Guinness West Indies and Guinness Dublin. It has also made similar moves in the US market.

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