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Squish juices

New Squish 100% pressed juices from Rhodes

Rhodes has launched a flavourful new range of 100% pressed fruit and vegetable juice blends just in time for summer, aimed at the child market.

Says the press release:

Squish 100% Pressed Juices have been carefully crafted to capture only the most natural goodness from the fruit and veggies included in the range of blends. Parents have the comfort of knowing that the range is completely free from preservatives, flavourants and colourants.

The quality fruit and veggies selected for the Squish range have gone through a gentle pressing process which extracts their natural juice while capturing their full flavours and essential nutrients.

The Squish range includes lemon juice as a natural way to maintain PH levels.

Free from pips, peel and pulp and with no added starch, Squish has been developed by a team of nutritional experts as an ideal hydrating, vitamin-packed treat to complement healthy meal planning.

Squish 100% Pressed Juices are available in 200ml juice boxes for a recommended retail price of R9.99 at leading retail outlets nationwide.

Suitable for children aged 6 months and older, Squish is packed with essential goodness and the 100% pressed fruit and vegetable blends are available in six flavours: Apple; Summer Berries (Strawberry, Raspberry & Other Fruit); Apple, Grape & Rooibos; Pear & Prune; Apple, Grape & Carrot; and Apple, Sweet Potato & Butternut.

The packaging of the RTD 200ml carton has been designed to fit into parents’ busy lifestyles, making it convenient to pack for outings with little ones while the ideal serving size eliminates the frustration of having to waste any leftover juice.

The size also makes it comfy for little hands to hold, and is the perfect portion to pop into lunchboxes. Squish can be served at room temperature, chilled or frozen.

“Fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy hydration are all essential foundations for kids’ balanced development,” says Merlin Norman, Marketing Manager at Rhodes Food Group. “Yet many parents are far too familiar with the war of wills which can ensue when their children can’t be convinced to eat them.”

Source: Rhodes Food Group