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Pressd Coffee

New coffee concepts with kick

Constant innovations are making the world’s two ancient beverages, coffee and tea, more popular and interesting than ever. In the news this week are two new coffee ideas…

THE first out of the UK is Press’d, an Arabica coffee liquid concentrate in a pocket-sized squeezable bottle, whose USP is the a gap in the market for a better quality convenience option, and doing for instant coffee what water enhancers have done for cordial juices. 

Press’d believes it sets itself apart from instant coffee with a patented low temperature brew method, preserving the flavour and aroma of the coffee bean. Each bottle makes 16 cups of coffee.

Sara Gamay, founder of Press’d, says consumers are ready for a new coffee format, particularly the time “press’d” people who are on-the-go, studying or working in offices. Press’d taps into the trend of super-concentrated, portable drinks.

Gamay said that, while innovating with format may attract new consumers, the quality and taste of the coffee has to match if a product wants to be successful.

While consumption occasions may be similar to instant coffee, Press’d wants to offer something different.

“Consumers are differentiating between our product and instant coffee. It looks different to anything else on the coffee shelf. We’re not granulated or freeze dried. But what really differentiates us is when people try it. They realise it tastes smooth, it’s not bitter, it doesn’t taste like instant. It tastes like an American filter coffee.”

His target audience is the young, 18-30 demographic who “understand this kind of format, they’ve seen it in squash, they’re interested in something new”. They’re busy people, pressed for time, they enjoy quality coffee and don’t want to settle for instant coffee.

His other markets are office people who want to upgrade from instant, and those who are on the move or commuters.

“People are really excited to see something new in coffee,” said Gamay. “The main innovations in instant coffee has been premiumization; but no change in format or delivery, nothing break-through. In other beverage aisles there has been.”…. see more at Read the full article

Quick coffee with a kick

Forto Strong Coffee2

FROM the US comes news of FORTO, a “revolutionary strong coffee” that satisfies the need for a quick, convenient energy boost. Each bottle contains 175mg of organic caffeine, as much energy as two regular cups of coffee you might brew at home or in the office.

“Our bottle fits in the palm of your hand, and is specially designed to be taken on-the-go. It has a foil-seal liner inside that locks in the freshness and seals the liquid inside so you know it is safe and spill-proof. Feel free to put it in your car, your bag, your pocket or purse. FORTO is fast-fueling whenever & wherever, so you don’t miss a moment to recharge,” goes the product promo. has reviewed FORTO’s debut, and had this to say:

The concept behind Forto is to provide the caffeine of two cups of coffee in a 2oz shot. The liquid is made with organic and fair trade coffee.

On the surface, this sounds like an interesting approach. The company has even gone so far as to create a package that is like a miniature version of the type of to-go coffee cup that you’ll find at many coffee retailers (the paper cup with the plastic sipper lid). Paired with the design and branding, the look definitely feels like something that is of premium quality.

Functionally, it’s pretty compelling, too, with the 175 mg of caffeine in only two ounces of liquid.

As for what’s inside the container, we think it needs work. Despite being cold-brewed and seeming like something that’s going to be better tasting coffee, it is unfortunately not.

The aroma is that of flavouring, while there’s an acrid note that hits your tongue almost instantly. That smooth, less bitter flavour that cold brew is known for just isn’t there, and we’d really have a hard time sipping this product (we’d say the same for the French Vanilla variety).

As it stands right now, this product really needs to rethink its strategy with their formulation, especially if it’s going to pull in consumers from energy shots or coffee. Overall, it’s a nifty concept with a cool looking package, but the execution definitely needs work…. see more at