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Hi, and welcome to this week's newsletter!

A few stories really grabbed my attention for this week... the first being Burger King's daring and risky US ad strategy promoting its now clean-label Whoppers. Check it out for yourself - contrarian with amazing photography and, of course, we can rely on Nando's to add a cheeky riposte!

Second, the news that Nestlé has sucessfully found a way to mitigate human cat allergies - via a ton of R&D and culminating in a new cat food. Really remarkable!

Third, I came across some fascinating research into the microbiome of Mongolians, a tribe who turn the lactose-intolerace theory on its head, and how this may add to the tome of work being done to get a fuller understanding of the trillions of friends/foes in our guts.

Enjoy this week's read!

Hi, and welcome to this week's newsletter!

How quickly our world has changed; how, unbelievably, a horror movie plot has become our new (ab)normal!

There are heaps of interesting reads on the one-and-only topic that matters at the moment, ones that I hope will provide some worthy insights and advice while you work from home, or otherwise.

Indeed, one can't but be enormously grateful that the food industry will carry on - keeping doing what it does best, to the best of its ability in trying circumstances. To all food-bev workers out there, across the very long supply chain, we salute and thank you all. And on the brighter side, yours is one industry that is in boom mode right now!

I'll be keeping you regularly posted on interesting news, trends and developments - I've worked from home for years!

If you have comments, insights, advice, warnings, good news stories, job offers, useful products etc that you'd like to share with your compatriots, please post them on the FOODStuff SA Facebook page, or send them to me for possible publication in my newsletters.

Wishing you well: be safe, kind and considerate to you, and others!