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Keeping wine fresh with a condom

The Wine Condom has been designed by American Mitchell Strahan and his mother as a way of easily resealing a bottle of wine and no doubt sparking some interesting conversation.

Each disposable “condom”, developed by a rubber company specialising in food, is adaptable and can be used on any bottle.

Instead of fitting into the bottle opening like traditional wine stoppers, Mitch Strahan and mom Laura Bartlett’s wine condoms roll over the opening, creating a snug seal.

Likewise, the wine condoms add no additional height to the bottle, making it easier to store in the fridge, the duo says in their pitch.

Writing on their Kickstarter page, Strahan says the invention sits flush with a wine bottle eliminating the ”Pain-In-The-Ass-Leans-To-The-Side-Which-Never-Quite-Fits-In-The-Refrigerator-Syndrome” caused by regular bottle stoppers, adding that they are both “convenient, disposable, and hilarious”.

With prototypes from a rubber company that specialises in food, each condom is adaptable and can also work for beer and soda bottles. A pack of wine condoms will contain 10 individual condoms, each disposable after one or two uses.

The entrepreneurs have already raised $1,255 of their $7,500 target having set up the venture on Kickstarter in a bid to attract backers.

This also begs another question… Do you mean to say that some people never finish a bottle of wine in one go?

Kickstarter: See more here

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