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Numi Savory Tea

Exploring new innovations in the UK hot drinks space: Datamonitor report

One of the key consumer trends impacting hot drinks innovation is that towards weight loss; particularly as obesity is a key concern in Western markets and consumers are under pressure to conform to a certain body shape ideal due to standards set by an increasingly pervasive media.

This is reflected in consumer attitudes, with 43% of British respondents trying to lose weight and a further 31% saying that they are trying to maintain their current weight (Canadean’s Q2 global consumer survey 2015). There is a changing dialogue in terms of what actually makes consumers gain weight and fat is being increasingly perceived as good for you while sugar is being demonised.

Hot drinks brands have capitalised on this changing mentality, with recent innovations such as Bulletproof Coffee coming to the fore. The Bulletproof brand’s Upgraded Coffee Beans claim to give the highest antioxidant content without side effects such as “the jitters.” The brand recommends serving with butter mixed into the drink and claims it assists in both melting body fat and building muscle mass.

Superfoods have become well established within the food and drink space, and the list continues to expand with new and exciting super-ingredients being brought to consumers’ attention.

Consumers are increasingly aware of what they put into the bodies and are seeking out naturally occurring, nutrient-rich ingredients in order to enhance their health in their day-to-day consumption occasions. One of the latest ingredients to come to prominence as a superfood is turmeric, which has long been used in the East as a traditional medicine to cure a variety of conditions ranging from toothache to jaundice, and as a natural anti-inflammatory.

This ingredient has migrated to the British market and is now being introduced within the hot drinks space. A total of 51% of British consumers believe turmeric to have a positive impact on their health (Canadean’s Q2 global consumer survey, 2015) and this is not being lost on brands.

Numi Organic launched a range of turmeric teas positioned to “revitalize, enrich, and restore” earlier this year, and promotes the ingredient’s numerous claimed health benefits in brand communication.

Similarly, as consumers seek out more naturally nutrient-rich ingredients and become increasingly sugar-averse, there is a growing trend towards savoury and alternative hot drinks. Vegetable teas are gaining prominence as an alternative and healthy flavour option.

Another range by Numi Organic offers savoury tea flavours using “organic vegetables, wild herbs, and aromatic spices” to provide more exciting tea blends while also utilising healthy, alternative ingredients to the traditional sweet hot drink experience.

Moving beyond tea, bone broth is another area that has seen an explosion in popularity this year, particularly as celebrity chefs such as Hemsley + Hemsley promote the health benefits of this collagen- and mineral-rich, meat-based “soup.” Such is its popularity that a pop-up in London, aptly named Bone Tea Broth Bar, now sells “bone tea,” promoting it as a hot drink that does not impact the metabolism, is low in salt and gluten, and is also dairy-free.

The British hot drink market represents a rapidly evolving space that is increasingly seeing innovation being influenced by the ever-changing health needs of its consumers. Nevertheless, with the concept of what is “healthy” constantly changing, hot drinks manufacturers will need to ensure that they can identify what is a fad and what is a trend in order to offer long-lasting and meaningful innovations, advises Datamonitor.

Source: Datamonitor