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Coca-Cola frozen squeeze pouches introduced in Japan

Continuing its rollout of exclusive Japanese products, Coca-Cola recently unveiled its new Frozen Lemon Coke and Fanta slushies following eight years of development.

Just in time for Asian summer, the new frozen treats serve as a new refreshing way to enjoy Coca-Cola’s most popular soda options.

The beverage purveyor’s creative development team created a new state-of-the-art resealable pouch packaging that is said to be a first for frozen beverages.

The idea is that consumers can massage the pouches as much as they like to get their preferred level of crunchiness.

Sold both frozen and unfrozen, the Lemon Coke flavor will be accompanied by similarly frozen iterations of Fanta’s Orange and Grape sodas.

The products are sold both frozen and unfrozen, allowing customers to take the pouches home and freeze them themselves.

Coca-Cola said that it explored more than 70 ingredients and made nearly 100 trail products before creating the final Coke version.

The company highlighted the challenges in getting the product to taste right without getting too intense or watered down.

The pouches, which have been released ahead of summer in Japan, are retailing for JPY 130 ($1.20).

Earlier this year, the company released its first-ever peach-flavoured Coke in Japan in both 500ml and 280ml bottles.

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