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Bag-in-box only wine retailer to ramp up international expansion

Founded in France in 2013, it started out as an online business but opening its first bricks and mortar outlet in Paris in September 2014 (below). BiBoViNo now aims to expand to between 50 and 100 sites in the near future. Its latest opening was in Tel Aviv.

The retailer is looking to change the perceptions of wines sold in bag-in-box format – and focuses only on higher end wines.

A key aspect of its brand identity is uniform packaging of simple design and standard colour, and also opted for bag-in-box and its benefits of longer shelf life after opening, easy handling and a lower price per litre.

Smurfit Kappa, a French multinational specialist in bag-in-box technology, has worked with BiBoViNo to supply the bag-in-box packaging and has extended the product line to bag-in-tube, which has an “even more sophisticated design” for the most premium wines on offer.


Source: Harpers



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