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A new take on bubbly water

Introducing BUBBLe iT, a new way to make DIY carbonated water, that was launched in France this year and which won the Start Up Award at SIAL 2022, the famous food expo, in October.

This is a great idea for multiple user occasions when you want sparking/soda water on-the-go – think camping, picnicking, sailing, hiking etc – available in powder form, in an instant! And with no accoutrements!

What it is…

BUBBLe iT is a powder, comprising widely-used food components, that effervesce when added to water, and also boast some health elements.

  • Potassium bicarbonate (often used in baking – moreover, potassium is a mineral salt which can be deficient in humans).
  • Malic acid (organic acid from apples).
  • Two sachets produce 900ml of sparkling water.
  • Natural flavours – available in micro bottles with the powder.
  • In addition, BUBBLe iT “restores water loss after physical exertion. Moreover, it can also alkalise and rebalance the muscle pH thanks to the malates present in the drink”.

What it isn’t…

  • Eliminates the use of plastic bottles, carbonation machines and aluminum CO2 cartridges.
  • No sugars or sweeteners.

See it in action here….